Top Restaurant In Gujranwala

Here is a List of the top 10 Gujranwala Restaurants. The list includes the famous local restaurants in the city.

1. Shahbaz tikka GujranwalaShahbaz tikka Gujranwala is consider as the top restaurant of city. The Restaurant is famous for its delicious Pakistani menu. Restaurant offers the best desi food including BBQ dishes.☎️ Contact Number : (055) 4290195📍Address : Shahbaz Tikka locates in Chan Da Qila at GT Road Gujranwala

2. Bait Al Mandi – Gujranwala Restaurants Bait Al Mandi restaurant usually represents the restaurants of Arabian Peninsula. It is consider as the top restaurant of Gujranwala. They are famous for its mandi dishes.☎️ Contact Number : 0333-6576577📍Address : Near Pepsi Factory, Attawa, Main G.T. Road, Gujranwala

3. Prime Restaurant Gujranwala Prime Restaurant Gujranwala is famous for its desi food. The most focus of restaurant is on mutton and chicken dishes. It is consider as the one of best restaurant in the city. Restaurant is highly recommended for the food lovers.☎️ Contact Number : 0333-6576577 , 0321-9009007 , 055-42904701-2-3📍Address : Main road at Grand Trunk Road in Umar Farooq Colony in Gujranwala

4. Chahaar Bagh Gujranwala Chahaar Bagh in Gujranwala is famous for its variety of food. The Restaurant offers food including Chinese, Pakistani, Central Asian, and Middle Eastern. You can visit the restaurant to explore the best taste. It is also famous for its infrastructure.☎️ Contact Number : 0321 1352222📍Address : Fazal Centre at Service Road in Green Town in the Rahwali Cantonment.Chahaar baagh rooftop -Gujranwala RestaurantsChahaar Baagh – Gujranwala Restaurants

5. Pind Restaurant – Gujranwala Restaurants Pind Restaurant in Gujranwala is considers as the best restaurant. The restaurant has many other branches in various cities of Pakistan. Restaurant is famous for its menu including traditional Pakistani food including biryani, karahi, tikka, and kababs.☎️ Contact Number : (055) 4274333📍Address :Kangani Wala Besides Jamia Arbia main at Grand Trunk Road of Kot Abdullah in Gujranwala

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